The Avilés Loop Trail in Parque Patagonia in Chile.  Photo by Scott Stone

The Avilés Loop Trail in Parque Patagonia in Chile. Photo by Scott Stone



Lookfar Conservation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting wild and wondrous places and working with the people living in and among them. We help foundations, nonprofit organizations, local communities, and social entrepreneurs conserve and restore the beauty and biodiversity of planet earth. 



Río Blanco in Mindo Los Bancos in Ecuador.  Photo by Scott Stone

Río Blanco in Mindo Los Bancos in Ecuador. Photo by Scott Stone


What We Do

Conservation groups sometimes lack the time, resources, or experience to handle vital aspects of their work — identifying new projects, conducting due diligence, fundraising, devising communications strategies, or engaging local stakeholders. 

Lookfar Conservation helps these groups overcome the barriers they face in translating ideas and ambitions into actionable plans and durable results. As a small and agile organization, we handle the work ourselves or collaborate with like-minded individuals and enterprises in conservation, data technology, filmmaking, finance, media, and other fields. 

Our capabilities include: 

  • Project design and development

  • Due diligence inquiries and audits

  • Capacity building and other strategic and operational support

  • Stakeholder outreach and engagement

  • Fundraising events and campaigns

  • Technology application and deployment

  • Communications and media

  • Storytelling in prose, film, photography, and more 



Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA) in the Mata Atlântica in Brazil.  Photo by Scott Stone

Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA) in the Mata Atlântica in Brazil. Photo by Scott Stone


Our Work

DOB Ecology

DOB Ecology is a charitable foundation based in the Netherlands focused on conservation and restoration projects in forest and wetland ecosystems in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

Lookfar Conservation helps DOB Ecology oversee and monitor its growing project portfolio, conduct due diligence on prospective partner organizations and projects, and provide strategic counseling and communications support.

The Lookfar CoOperative  

The Lookfar Cooperative is how we fulfill our Mission, helping other conservation groups with vital aspects of their work. 

So far we have scouted projects and helped develop funding proposals with SavingSpecies, Fundación Jocotoco, Third Millennium Alliance, Tompkins Conservation and Conservation Land Trust-Argentina, Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA), and Associação Mico-Leão Dourado (Golden Lion Tamarin Association).

We also have helped some of these groups, and the National Park Trust, with fundraising and new donor outreach. We are beginning to work in Africa, with several due diligence inquiries. And we participate in the National Geographic Explorers Festival to learn more about cutting-edge conservation efforts and broaden our network. 

The Cooperative is intended to help organizations and initiatives of limited means or capabilities. There are no fees to work with us. As our donor base expands, so will our capacity to help others. To make a tax-deductible contribution, click here.

To discuss possibly working together, email us.

The Lookfar Journal

The Lookfar Journal tells stories about the earth's wild places and the people working to keep them that way. The Journal focuses particularly on inspiring stories offering optimistic visions of the future.

To pitch a story or photo essay, email us

Lookfar Films

Lookfar Films collects, develops, produces, and promotes short films and other multimedia endeavors that chronicle successful conservation efforts and community-led initiatives. We seek optimism, humor, and beauty as a way to inspire action and enable leadership. 

To share content or discuss a possible project, email us

Zero-Waste Home

Our conservation work often takes us far from home — from the lush jungles of Mata Atlântica to the windswept grasslands of Patagonia. There's important work to be done there and in other biodiversity hotspots around the world. But sometimes the most meaningful opportunities to make a difference can be found right in our house, where we're working to reduce what we consume and to reuse, recycle, repair, or compost everything we can. One day, we hope to eliminate all the waste our house produces. 

To learn about our journey toward a zero-waste home, check out our feed on Instagram.



Restoring the Mata Atlântica with Professor Stuart Pimm of Duke University, Maas Goote and Frank Tobé of DOB Ecology, and Scott Stone of Lookfar Conservation.  Photo by Luís Paulo Ferraz of Associação Mico-Leão Dourado-AMLD (Golden Lion Tamarin Association)

Restoring the Mata Atlântica with Professor Stuart Pimm of Duke University, Maas Goote and Frank Tobé of DOB Ecology, and Scott Stone of Lookfar Conservation. Photo by Luís Paulo Ferraz of Associação Mico-Leão Dourado-AMLD (Golden Lion Tamarin Association)



Lookfar Conservation was founded by Scott Stone, an international environmental lawyer, and Julia Watkins, a conservation and international development specialist, to combine their diverse skills and experiences with their shared passion for wild animals, wilder places, and the natural beauty of planet earth. 

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Scott Stone

For the past twenty years, Scott has worked on a wide range of challenges confronting the environment and the pursuit of sustainable development, helping nonprofit organizations, law firms, large companies, and philanthropic organizations around the world. 

Prior to founding Lookfar Conservation, Scott co-founded and is a partner at S2C Pacific, a California-based consulting firm focused on energy, environmental, technology, and infrastructure issues. Scott also has worked as an attorney, practicing international environmental law in Washington, DC, and San Francisco with Hunton & Williams; as the Director of Global Environmental Initiatives for nContext, a data technology company; as a policy analyst for the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (IGSD); and as a staff attorney for the International Network for Environmental Compliance & Enforcement (INECE).

Earlier in his career, Scott worked as a journalist for daily newspapers, led backcountry expeditions in the Canadian Rockies, conducted policy research for a women’s rights group in Nepal, taught ecology at an outdoor education program in Maine, and was a volunteer park ranger in Badlands National Park in South Dakota.

Scott serves on the Board of Trustees of the National Park Trust. From 2011–2013, Scott served as co-chair of the Climate Consensus Workshops, an initiative of the Netherlands' Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment seeking to open a new channel between the private sector and the international climate negotiations. In 2008, Scott received the U.S. EPA Climate Protection Award and the U.S. EPA Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award for his contributions to a 2007 agreement on HCFC control measures under the Montreal Protocol. In 2015, Scott received the Burton Award for Distinguished Legal Writing.  Scott is a graduate of Northwestern University and Washington University School of Law. 

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Julia Watkins

Julia studied marine biology at the College of Charleston before embarking on an early career as a teaching naturalist in Maine at The Environmental Schools and the Acadia Institute of Oceanography. 

She then served as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea, West Africa, living for two years in the remote village of Wassaya, where she worked with local farmers to launch a sustainable beekeeping project and established tree nurseries to promote woodlands conservation in her community. Upon her return from Africa, Julia worked for the Geothermal Energy Association in Washington, DC, where she conducted research on renewable energy technology issues.

Julia earned her masters degree in environmental management at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, focusing on conservation and community-based natural resource management, for which she received the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Conservation Fellowship, the Alumni Association Award for Academic Performance, Leadership, and Character, and the Nicholas School of the Environment Merit Award. While at Duke, Julia interned in Bozeman, Montana, as a Conservation Fellow with the Sonoran Institute, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, and Montana State University, where she conducted research on the ecological impacts of rural residential development on the Greater Yellow Ecosystem.

After graduate school, Julia returned to Washington, DC, where she joined Chemonics International, managing a wide range of U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.K. Department for International Development (DfID) projects throughout Africa, with extensive field experience in Guinea, Nigeria, and Senegal. Julia also managed the company's environmental services practice network and oversaw an umbrella contract providing technical assistance in natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. Julia also conducted technical work in the field, including performing a biodiversity and tropical forestry assessment for Guinea and traveling throughout Senegal to assess opportunities for community-based natural resource management.


Board of Directors


Bat-Sheva Guez

Director, Adventure Pants

Bat-Sheva is a seasoned director and editor with a great passion for the arts and a deep love of the sciences. She weaves dance, magic, and experimental techniques into visually compelling, character-driven films. With her production company, Adventure Pants, Bat-Sheva directs videos for clients including Condé Nast, JP Morgan, and Lincoln Center (promoting the New York City Ballet and Paul Taylor Dance Company, to name a few). She's created a digital series featuring New York's Underground Performing Arts Scene as well as promo videos for think tanks, nonprofits, and brands. Bat-Sheva has directed nearly a dozen short films, which have screened in multiple festivals worldwide including the Hamptons Int’l Film Festival and the Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island Int’l Film Fest, among others. Guez is is the recipient of the Best Director award at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, the JT3 Award for Screenwriting and Directing, and the Write by the Sea writing retreat at the Lighthouse Int’l Film Festival. 

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Ben Vickery

Associate Design Director, Work & Co.

Ben is a designer and strategist working with brands to design digital products and brand experiences on a global scale. Ben recently returned to Portland, Oregon, after working as a Senior Art Director in Apple's Global Marketing Communications division for several years in California. He's currently an Associate Design Director at Work & Co.

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Jeff Forker

Writer, Editor, Trainer, Investor, Entrepreneur

Jeff has spent his life outdoors, which has made him intimately aware of numerous conservation issues. He has a B.A. from the University of Kansas and an M.A. from the University of Missouri Kansas City. Jeff is a veteran of the U.S. Army, as well as the finance, IT, real estate, and construction industries. He has hosted podcasts and web sites, led alpine climbs and extreme exercise organizations, and served on the boards of several nonprofits. Jeff lives with his family in Kansas.

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Lilian Pintea

Ph.D., Vice President, Conservation Science, The Jane Goodall Institute

Lilian brings more than twenty years of experience in applying satellite imagery, remote sensing, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to the job of conserving chimpanzees and their vanishing habitats in Africa. As vice president of conservation science at the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), Dr. Pintea directs the scientific department at the Institute and conducts applied conservation research. Recognized for his expertise in applying cutting-edge geospatial technologies to conservation and community development needs in Africa, Dr. Pintea has presented invited talks to a variety of conferences, including Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, IUCN World Conservation Congress, Eye on Earth Summit, EIS-Africa GIS, Esri International Users Conference, Map World Forum, and DigitalGlobe Users Conference. Dr. Pintea holds a Ph.D. in conservation biology from the University of Minnesota and a M.S. in zoology from Moscow State University, Russia. He is a former MacArthur Scholar of the MacArthur Interdisciplinary Program on Global Change, Sustainability, and Justice at the University of Minnesota and a former Fulbright Scholar in the use of geospatial technologies at the Center for Remote Sensing at the University of Delaware.


Willemijn Slingenberg-Verdegaal

Co-Head, Strategic Climate Solutions, Ortec Finance

Willemijn studied economics at the University of Utrecht and the London School of Economics. She joined Ortec Finance, a company specializing in building software to support complex financial decision making, in 2018. At Ortec Finance she drives forward the integration of climate and sustainability in forward looking scenario based modeling tools. Before that she was a member of the RI-team at MN, where she led efforts related to climate change policy, integrating climate change risks and opportunities into investment strategies, and climate change-related corporate and regulatory engagement. Willemijn also spent a decade in the Dutch government, at Treasury and the Foreign Office, in various capacities related to international finance and sustainability, including serving as lead on climate finance for the Netherlands at the international climate negotiations under the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Willemijn also is founder and CEO of Economics for True Wealth, which offers insights and practical solutions to the socio-economic aspects of conservation and restoration.




A far-off view of the Laramie Mountains in Wyoming, a bit north of Medicine Bow National Forest and Rocky Mountain National Park.  Photo by Scott Stone

A far-off view of the Laramie Mountains in Wyoming, a bit north of Medicine Bow National Forest and Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo by Scott Stone

Our Friends

Colleagues and mentors who have helped us, taught us, and inspired us in our vision.


Maas Goote

"We're a foundation with a small core team, but a growing project portfolio. Lookfar Conservation's help in evaluating and monitoring our projects, and providing deep strategic input, is of a quality and originality very few are able to deliver. We are inspired by our partnership with them — quite simply, they make us better at what we do."

Chief Executive Officer, DOB Ecology


Kristine McDivitT Tompkins

"My experience working with Scott Stone has shown he is aligned with my personal approach to conservation and community development — stay focused, stay results-driven, and always take the route that leads to the highest level of conservation quality possible in perpetuity."

Leader, Tompkins Conservation & Former CEO, Patagonia, Inc.


Luís Paulo Ferraz

"The partnership with Lookfar Conservation has been a great experience for our organization.  Scott's professional experience and long-term vision helped us design a new conservation project that might change our work in the next years.  His capacity to listen and to think together has been very inspiring for our field team."

Executive Secretary & Geographer, Associação Mico-Leão Dourado (Golden Lion Tamarin Association)

Grace's Headshot.jpg

Grace Lee

"Lookfar Conservation's ability to provide a wide range of expertise, from project work to fundraising to communications, will be tremendously beneficial to nonprofit conservation organizations. We look forward to partnering with Lookfar Conservation to protect and enhance U.S. national parks and to cultivate future young stewards of these important public lands and waters."

Executive Director, National Park Trust


Stuart Pimm

“Working with Lookfar Conservation has been extraordinarily helpful in developing our SavingSpecies projects in South America. Scott's commitment and passion combine with invaluable experiences across the broad range of conservation efforts, from planting trees to international treaty deliberations."

Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology, Duke University

Jerry Toth 1.jpg

Jerry Toth

"As a field-based conservation organization in a developing country, one thing I've learned is the scope of the challenges confronting our organization is much greater than our capacity to deal with them on our own. The only way to have lasting success is through strategic collaboration on an organizational level. This is the crucial piece of the equation that Lookfar Conservation provides."

Co-Founder, Third Millennium Alliance

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Durwood Zaelke

"With Lookfar Conservation, Scott and Julia bring an impressive and wide range of skills—plus their unbounded energy and creativity—to the many conservation challenges facing the world today."

President & Founder, Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (IGSD)


our Network

Organizations and enterprises we like, work with, learn from, and/or admire.



Valle Chacabuco in Chile.  Photo by Scott Stone

Valle Chacabuco in Chile. Photo by Scott Stone



Your contribution helps us help others. And we are glad to discuss specific projects and initiatives with prospective donors. 

Email us anytime.

Lookfar Conservation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.